Dodano: 21.01.2022
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Multifunctional diagnostic interface. The device works with the factory software, allowing for effective offline and online car diagnostics. It replaces the original head, making it possible to use one head for all purchased licenses.

In the set you get a license for FORD / GM / VW.


  • By buying our device, you get a written guarantee from us because we are the only certified seller of Allscanner factory devices in Poland.
  • You shorten the way of selling the device to a minimum, you do not have to wait for the device until the seller orders it from an agent.
  • Warranty repairs and product replacements in case of damage or malfunction are dealt with directly with us, you do not have to send the product back to China and you do not have to contact another broker.
  • We offer many technical functions that are not offered by sellers on the Polish and foreign market. We can remotely extend the license on your device.


  • By buying a device from us, you get the option to choose which licenses your head should support (more information can be found in the price list).
  • Write to us or call us what license you want on your device!
  • Your device also supports online functions (you need to purchase online service from the manufacturer)

The use of the interface requires the original diagnostic software of a given brand, if you do not have the original software, write to us!

We do not sell software, only the diagnostic device itself - the interface.


  • Device with USB Cable
  • The device supports Wifi and USB connection

-> User manual (PDF)

-> Price list - PDF
395.00 EUR
Rzeszów, podkarpackie